How I do TFCD:

If you are new to modeling, please read this site first: There is some great information for aspiring models. If you are not, don't be offended; every one has to start somewhere.

Now for the details:

I shoot in Red Bank, NJ. I mostly shoot in the evenings from 6:00pm to 11:00pm during the week. I can also work something out on weekends, but it's difficult.

I specialize in fashion, glamour, and beauty photography and can shoot many other styles. We can discuss the particulars of your shoot.

I do not provide a makeup artist or a stylist, so you will have to do your own hair and makeup, or hire your own. If you need me to hire a MUA/Stylist, I can hire one who does both makeup and hair, at a rate of $200 for the shoot, but you will be responsible for the cost.

I work with an assistant who will be helping me by holding reflectors, taking some test shots, and doing meter readings. You are encouraged to bring a friend / boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / significant other along with you, but they have to stay out of our way when we shoot. I would prefer for you not to come alone! There are many freaks / perverts / weirdos out on the Internet, and the number one concern for any models should be her own safety. Get used to bringing an escort until you get to know the photographer. HOWEVER, your escort is not there to direct the shoot, so if during the shoot your escort starts giving us their input or suggestions, I will cancel the shoot on the spot.

I usually shoot 3 different set-ups depending on how we are doing on time, and you should bring at least 3 different outfits, one for each set. We will discuss wardrobe in detail before our shoot.

Each set takes approximately 45 minutes to shoot, with a 15-minute break between each set for the change over. The entire shoot should take about 3 hours.

The studio has a Dressing Room for you to change and do your hair and makeup.

Please arrive at the studio at 6:00pm sharp and be ready to shoot by 7:00pm.

I will be shooting about 100 frames on each set for a total of about 300 images. You will pick your favorite 10 from each set. I will then cut your picks down to at least 5 per set (maybe more), for a total of at least 15 images. After postproduction I will give you those 15 or so images in 2 formats:

1. Full resolution images that you can use for your printed book and comp cards. You may not use these images on-line, or for any commercial use.

2. Lower resolution (800 x 600) Images with my watermark on them to use on-line. Again, you are not allowed to use them for any commercial purposes.

You will receive a signed Licensing agreement granting you these usage rights.

My postproduction will consist only of exposure / contrast / saturation / white balance / cropping adjustments and minor blemish removal. I will not be doing full blown re-touching. Any retouching will be done solely at my own discression. I do not promise in any way to re-touch your images. If you want full retouching, I will send the images to my retoucher, but you will be responsible for the cost.

You will have to sign a model release that will release to me full commercial rights to all images taken. The images may either be sold to stock / microstock agencies, or be sold as prints. You will also have to bring your drivers license, to make sure you are 18 years old. (I do not photograph minors except for family portraits.) I will take one picture of you holding your drivers license next to your face to establish your identity.

You can read the complete Model Release and the Licensing Agreement here.

If everything is ok with you, let me know and we will schedule the shoot.

... by Igor Rivilis